Don't miss the opportunity to engage with senior cyber security professionals from across government, military and law enforcement 

After the resounding success of the 11th annual CDANS conference, hosting over 150 cyber security professionals attend to under what they can be doing to improve the cyber resilience of their nation, don't miss this opportunity to put yourself at the forefront of their discussions in 2018.

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With state (or at least nationalistic) cyber threat actors attacking national systems, such as the hack on Obama’s schedule, recently the release of Olympic athletes data, cyber security continues to dominate both the news, and these organisations priorities. The UK government invested a record £1.9bn to improve the UK’s cyber resilience, with the new National Cyber Security Center (who delivered a fantastic address at the event) opening in November 2016 to lead the effort at national protection; this highlights how the focus has shifted onto cyber resilience, and as such, places CDANS in a perfect place to facilitate this national conversation. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in the international debate regarding the focus we must be placing on Cyber Security, and understand how best to guide your future defensive investments. 

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Why you should attend Cyber Defence and Network Security 2017:


Learn from leading nations on their best cyber security practices, and also the threats that concern them in the future, from best methods of training to concerns around the ‘Internet of Things.’


Improve your knowledge from the industry as to the best tools and solutions available to help ensure total network security.


Exposure to organisations outside of the military, ranging from private to public services, with the question being posed “What lessons can be learnt from outside of our network?”

Key themes being addressed at Cyber Defence and Network Security include:


How different leading nations are tackling the issue of Cyber Defence and Network security with insights from senior military figures into their current best practices and their view on the future of Cyber Security


Insight into how different organisation and nations are providing training for all staff, and investigating what efforts can be made from the ground level of cyber security, from essential training methods for defence staff to policies around governance and management of cyber defence teams.


A range of different organisations and nations exploring how the development of their environment, with relation to BYOD, the Internet of Things, and a military focus on the security of weaponry against the threat of cyberspace


Information on the situational awareness of different organisations, and how they are constantly looking to improve this, and police where the threats originate

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