Securing the distributed network

Cyber security looms ever-larger on the national security agenda. The paralysing effects of the recent ransomware assault on the NHS point to worrying vulnerabilities in network resilience, vulnerabilities which recur across defence, government and CNI. Unless the cyber threat is tackled head on, information security and operational capability will be severely compromised.

CDANS 2018 will confront the challenge of securing the distributed network. As data-heavy remote assets and cloud storage proliferate, new weaknesses emerge for aggressors to exploit. With cyber now officially a NATO domain of warfare, the combat commander is increasingly sensitive to the need to encrypt his communications and platforms against offensive IW. For CNI, the active targeting of the network by terrorists, lone attackers and foreign governments necessitates a collaborative approach to defence, one which takes advantage of the national cyber security centres which continue to emerge across Europe.

Join over 100 cyber experts in London from 23-25 January 2018, and enhance your approach to threat intelligence, incident response, training and remote asset protection. Benefit too from a forward looking agenda that will assess the merits of emerging and disruptive technologies, including advance analytics, AI and blockchain. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to defend your network against  the cyber threat.

2018 Keynotes Include:

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4 reasons to attend CDANS 2018:


Establish a collaborative approach to cyber defence, and enhance your ability to share cyber intelligence and strategy without compromising on information security


Encrypt the data links, communications and operating systems that support your remote assets, and deliver information superiority and security for a contested operating environment


Develop a more sophisticated approach to gathering cyber threat intelligence,and exploit that information to direct your investment in defensive cyber capability 


Leverage emerging and disruptive technologies, including AI and intuitive analytics, and deliver an autonomous defensive framework that minimises breaches of the network

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